1. the dangan ronpa cast on tumblr

    1. naegi: fairly typical blog where he's a member of various popular fandoms but not THAT into them in that he just reblogs stuff and doesn't add much original content, aside from his liveblogging. sometimes makes personal posts and signal boosts fucking everything and he promotes all of his friends when asked. follows for follow
    2. junko: high fashion blog with 10000+ followers xoxoxo. occasionally posts giveaways in order to get more followers but she never actually delivers a prize. sends EVERYONE anon hate, including herself. steals text posts, only for them to get wildly popular with her name attached
    3. kirigiri: initially had a passcode on her blog, until naegi convinced her to take it off. member of the sherlock fandom but she gets a lot of hate for not shipping johnlock or really caring about shipping. she liveblogs and knows what's going on in every episode from the moment it starts, sometimes this liveblogging involves her and naegi reblogging each other. POSTBUSTS fraudulent popular posts. she makes no personal posts whatsoever.
    4. ishimaru: actually read the terms and conditions. when he catches 12 year olds on tumblr he sends them asks requesting that they delete their blog b/c the TOS says you have to be over 13 and threatens to report if they don't. also reports people who claim to have hoarded urls. chihiro made an extension similar to missing-e for everybody to use, but he uninstalled it after getting tumblr's warning dialogue. reblogs those petitions for porn and profanity to be banned on tumblr as well as social justice shit to which he adds a comment of "I agree with this, and that's speaking as a cis male!!!!!"
    5. togami: paid tumblr $47 for his theme, and pays more money to pin his posts to the top of everyones dashboards. he posts and reblogs news relating to the togami family and occasionally posts selfies of himself, all in the exact same pose. every post is underlined with "my name is byakuya togami. follow for more updates from the TOGAMI FAMILY!"
    6. yamada: fuckyeah2dgirls, which has a considerable following amongst people like him, but of the rest of the crew only naegi follows him. ishimaru sends him requests to remove or at least tag inappropriate content every time he posts anything. he also uses the blog to promote his doujin in between, and ends up disappointed when these posts get considerably less notes. occasionally likes posts featuring non-2d girls, but never reblogs
    7. mondo: occasionally reblogs the #motorcycles tag, that's it. he only joined tumblr cause junko told everybody to and doesn't really get the point of it. occasionally makes angry read mores about drama in his life and then immediately regrets this and RUSHES to delete before anybody reads them
    8. chihiro: used to run a somewhat popular tech culture blog and a wildly successful themes + extensions blog on the side.but the popularity of this blog led to him getting harassed about both codes and his personal life, this scared him into turning off anon and eventually putting both blogs on hiatus until he regains the confidence to return
    9. fukawa: reblogs all of togami's selfies, more than twice. posts original writings sometimes, but frequently goes on deleting sprees. otherwise she ships her friends and writes fanfics about them, though mostly it's just her x togami. sends these to togami, he's blocked her, but she sends him anon asks from sideblogs and continues to hassle him and gets angered when he guesses that they're from from her. the title for her ask is "I'm waiting for you, Byakuya-san...!", same with her submit title. has anon off because she knows people are going to send her hate
    10. maizono: "the official tumblr page of up and coming pop idol sayaka maizono!", due to the strictness of her industry she isn't allowed to post much aside from promotional audiovisual material but this doesn't stop her from having followers in the 100k range. nonetheless when she does hold question and answer sessions, 60-80% of her asks are leon asking her all sorts of intrusive questions while disguised as different anons
    11. celes: monochrome lolita culture blog with plenty of followers and while she posts a lot of nice fashion, she also posts lots of blood and gore and body horror and doesn't tag it. explains to distressed followers that this was a risk of following her. occasionally makes angry, angry vagueblogging posts that scare the living shit out of anybody who reads them because they don't know if she's talking about them or not
    12. syo: sideblog of fukawa's main, reblogs creepypastas, togami's selfies and is an active member of all the serial killer fandoms. you know the ones. sends asahina hate, but not on anon.
    13. hagakure: ABSOLUTE FUNNIEST POSTS YOU'LL LOVE IT ON YOUR DASHBOARD!!!! he's rEALLY REALLY BAD AT TUMBLR. sometimes he sees cool things elsewhere on the net and posts them and everybody yells at him about not sourcing. puts all of his dumb comments on the post itself. when he heard about giveaways he spent three hours setting up a "fortune telling giveaway" for which the prize was a 10% discount. nobody reblogged it.
    14. leon: doesn't like to reblog much because he wants to be known for his RAD ORIGINAL CONTENT!!! his blog has eminem on autoplay and consists of his own shitty sound recordings, selfies (he delivers nudes when asked) and amateur photography of random punk objects. overtags everything - #teen #life #punk rock #swaggie #drama #emo #baseball #scene #life sucks #piercings #tattoos #lgbt
    15. sakura: has matching icons and urls with asahina. like mondo she isn't all that into it, but upkeeps her blog more frequently for asahina's sake. she tracks and reblogs a lot of wrestling and sport related tags, all of these set up by asahina too. she's willing to give fitness advice to people who ask but otherwise she makes no text posts
    16. asahina: super super enthusiastic about her blog and makes lots of chipper text posts about her life and makes a point of saying that she loves all of her followers like once a week and thanks them all for being there and reblogs from all of the sports tags (and gets angry whenever she catches leon's hipster posts in the #baseball tag). frequently gets asked to post nudes and this distresses her so she lets sakura run her blog for a while. she promos her "soul sister's" blog like every day
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    It’s just a swim-


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    Coffee in Architecture School

    Omg I love this.


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    If you don’t agree with your gender, that’s cool! Go ahead and change it :3


    Trans people have…



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    Republicans are still raving against Obamacare—but that doesn’t change the fact that the Democrats’ health care “reform” is a dismal failure.

     … IF THE Republicans can get a hearing by raving about big government and its impenetrable bureaucracy, it’s because the Democrats gave them a huge, impossible-to-miss target with the wild patchwork of for-profit insurance “options” that make up the Obamacare exchanges.

    In reality, the problem isn’t “big government”; it’s the twisted system that’s needed to make sure the insurance industry gets its cut.

    Physicians for a National Health Program co-founders David Himmelstein and Steffie Woolhandler compared the Obamacare mess to the relatively easier and less expensive rollout of the Medicare health program for the elderly in 1966:

    [C]omplexity is “baked in” to the design [of the ACA], just as simplicity was “baked in” to Medicare. Obamacare’s exchanges must coordinate thousands of different plans, with premiums, co-payments, deductibles and provider networks that vary county-by-county; Medicare offered a single, uniform plan…

    Obamacare’s byzantine complexity reflects the contortions required to simultaneously expand coverage and appease private insurers. And private insurers will exact a steep ongoing toll…To avoid glitches and wasteful expense, design the system right; eliminate private insurers and cover everyone under a single payer program.

    People hoping for health care coverage have been left to the whims of the health insurance giants—not to mention the drug companies and hospital industry. And they have the Democrats and their loyalty to the status quo—corporate profit over human need—to thank for it.

    The disaster of the ACA is one of the prime reasons why the Democrats are likely to take a beating in the November congressional elections. The Republicans are likely to make gains—possibly even retaking control of the Senate—not because their fanatical policies are popular, but because so many people are disappointed and disillusioned with the Democrats’ agenda.

    That dynamic will get lost in all the campaign season messaging this fall—the Democrats will pull out all their old “lesser evil” tricks to motivate their supporters to go to the polls to stop the greater evil of a Republican victory.

    The stories of people struggling to get basic health care shows the crying need for a better health care system, but neither party looks interested in fighting for it.

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    Klausen | Prologue | Page 9

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    Google, it turns out, doesn’t have a monopoly on the ambitious goal to conquer death. In fact, the tech giant just lost one of its top computer scientists to a genetics startup called Human Longevity, which is working to achieve exactly what the name implies.

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    The real reason your iPhone becomes painfully slow

    There are six striking spikes for “iPhone slow” and each is tied to the release of a faster model. Apple’s chart definitely looks like planned obsolescence, with previous iPhones mysteriously underperforming as soon as its reigning CEO was ready to gobble up more of its users’ money — but there’s actually a more benign reason.

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    bahahah what a load of wank, capitalism is built on the exploitation of the working class for the greed of the ruling class and when threatened the capitalist system will resort to fascism to protect the interests of the ruling class. fuck capitalism and fuck Ayn Rand as well.

    the only option left for the working class are to fight back against the murderous system 

    Fuck of Ayn Rand you pseudo intellect.

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    Adorable art by Skottie Young.

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    LOVE Tarte! Use code FANDF on online orders to receive 30% off, now - 8/4

  14. "Game Of Thrones" Cast Reveals Awkward Fan Encounters (x)

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