1. hueva-york:


    "Chicks before dicks" she says. Everybody laughs. They all think she’s talking about being loyal to her female friends but she’s actually just a lesbian

    and a cissexist

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  2. slapdashbenny:

    not benny, but if the lego movie was for adults someone would have made this joke

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    This is my 14 yr old son who was brutually tortured By 2 Tully town officers he was handcuff but they say he resisted arrest that yall tazzed him in his face …not only that they took him to lower bucks hospital with out his mother consent they broke his nose n both eyes were swollen shut these prejudice cops need a rude awakening any one know anyone that can help my son please help they took him to the police station n told me I could not come up there but as a mother who loves her child I did Go to the station they would not let me n at all they talked to me through the door I didn’t see my son for tree days n the cops says o he’s fine we ordered him pizza really? Any one who can help me get justice please comment I’m torn mad angry just can’t deal # HELP

    everybody reblog this!! we gotta this on the news or something!! If you know someone or you think you know someone who cant help, please try to get the word out!! Police Brutality must be Stopped

    Yo this is fucking horrible man, this needs to stop.

    Let’s all taze those donut chugging pigs and see how they feel their bacon hides getting toast.
    Fuck the police.

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  4. blueskyesartic:


    Dipper Pines: The boy with the short pants

    "Hi! I like shorts! They’re comfortable and easy to wear!"

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  5. tonidorsay:



    The belief that gender is a binary, comprising male and female, and that the aspects of a person’s gender are inherently linked to their sex at birth.

    Genderism is the cultural belief that gender is a binary, or that there are, or should be, only two…

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  6. idespisecispeople:

    My humor is really bad when it gets late because i remember one time i just laughed hard at a pic of barney the dinosaur for 15 minutes at least then when i looked at it wheb i woke up i was like “the fuck”


    1. Privileged group: how would YOU like it if we did this to you
    2. Prvivleged group: *has been doing this to you for years*

  7. lein-lein said: The offensive part in your post about fetishism is that it implies white people can only be interested in me for my skin color. My first reaction was to feel insulted by your trivialization of my, and other race's, intimate life. Your post sounded very patronizing and the recent one you made in reply to an anon asking if they were allowed to date a mixed person sounds even more patronizing. You have no place to dictate other people's choice of relationships.




    White people cannot have racial preferences without contributing to either fetishization or white supremacy. They can appreciate poc cultures and experiences without saying “I only want to date Asian girls.”

    It’s that simple.

    Can other races have racial preferences? If so, why?

    Well, not exactly, you see, it’s like, if a black man does the same thing like “I only want to date Asian girls” it’s still kinda fetish-y. Same if an asian guy goes “I only like to date black girls”

    However, if someone has a non-white preference (just meaning they don’t feel comfortable dating white people) you just really have to examine the reasons why


  8. sheep-boy:

    "guess we cant have different opinions on tumblr"

    nah son. an opinion is like “orange juice is nasty” or “fall out boy is overrated”

    "your gender identity is ridiculous and you dont deserve to have it respected" is straight up bullshit and you should be called out on it

    Opinion doesn’t always equal bigotry.
    You can share an opinion but not bigotry.

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  9. crimewave420:


    all forms of shipping are disgusting and shameful


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  10. sanadayuki:

    destroy the trope that transmales are short and effeminate with pixie cuts and that transfemales are bulky and hairy with bad wigs and won’t ever be able to change from their assigned sex at birth or be happy in their bodies. please destroy it

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  11. dearnonacepeople:

    People defend capitalism by saying that capitalism is the only system that works. Ask someone who’s homeless how capitalism is working for them or those in sweatshops or those unable to get adequate healthcare or education. Capitalism is continuing the destruction of our earth, creating economic inequality, perpetuating classism, racism, ableism, child labor, and so much more. Capitalism doesn’t work, it kills.

    We should destroy Capitalism.
    Leave no trace of it.

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  12. lehaaz:

    The brand of “activists” who are in social/active movements only because they’re anti-American are some of the most obtuse minds to deal with. They will do anything to tie back everything to the U.S. so they can go on about their little anti-American rants, with no context, no…

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  13. phallec:

    "you’re just on tumblr for attention"

    no shit what else would u use this website for

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  14. Anonymous said: also destroy the idea that nonbinaries are uwus in oversized jumpers with either collar length fluffy hair or one side shaved honestly